Shopping with Your Nose…Online

We know how difficult this can be!  Afterall, we are consumers, too.  Handcrafted soap is a true luxury that has spanned the ages – centuries ago it did not even smell nice.  No matter the scent you choose, any bar will be a luxuriously nourishing soap.

We have attempted to classify our products based on fragrance families.  Our curated fragrances often fall into the Fougère family as they are complex with notes from different families, so we have categorized based upon the notes that we perceive to be the true essence of the scent.  It is important to note that there can be several very different bars that fall into the same fragrance family/subfamily, but the fragrance experience is entirely different.  We include fragrance profiles on product pages in an effort to classify often complex fragrances, so sometimes we’ll add other descriptors to help communicate in words what can only be fully appreciated in smell – like “sweet”, “clean” and “spa”.







General Notes About Fragrance

Here at Skin Joy Soap, we make soap that is, first and foremost, nourishing to the skin – a balanced bar that is cleansing but that does not strip away natural moisture.  We formulate luxurious soap with curated clean fragrances and pure essential oils to create elevated bathing experiences.

We scent our products in accordance with fragrance and essential oil usage rates published by The International Fragrance Association; these rates merely establish the maximum SAFE usage rates of a specific fragrance for various types of products.  We generally do not fragrance to the maximum because very rarely is the maximum usage rate desirable.  We determine appropriate usage for our products based upon internal testing as well as reliance upon manufacturer and supplier test results, strictly adhering to IFRA standards.    

Every nose is different, and we have found that different noses perceive scent notes as well as scent strength quite differently.  We test extensively to ensure our products are nourishing to skin and pleasing to noses.  Note that fragranced wash off products, particularly those that are phthalate-free or essential oil based, tend to leave very little perceivable scent on the skin after towel off, and will not interfere nor replace your perfume or cologne.       

Soap is like wine in that optimal cure and aging results in a much finer product.  Skin Joy Soap bars undergo an extended cure of no less than eight full weeks.  An extended cure ensures the finest bar of soap possible and results in a gentler, longer lasting bar that produces a superior lather than that of “fresher” soap.  Occasionally an essential oil blend or fragrance oil may lose its original strength in well-aged unused bars, but typically once in use and the outer layer is washed away, the fragrance is revived.  Also, properly formulated handmade soap can last many years in its unused, properly stored condition and is often the finest soap you ever use!